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KRK Pressurized Refiner

Since there is a keen demand for resource saving and no pollution in the world, a remarkable advance has been made recently in mechanical pulp, especially TMP (thermomechanical pulp). Much information on TMP is provided globally in the field of research and development. It is undeniable that TMP is more excellent than stone groundwood pulp (GP). So, TMP plants have been constructed and operated in many paper mills in the world. To satisfy the requirement of the pulp and paper industry, we Kumagai Riki developed in 1975 this refiner in collaboration with Japan Pulp and paper Research Institute, Inc. which has advanced pulp preparation technology, based on the conventional KRK normal pressure refiner. Set in the laboratory the same conditions as those in the practical plant operation, and steam chips for a short time, and perform pressurized refining. It features ease of operation and excellent reproducibility.

Product Name KRK Pressurized Refiner
Product Code KRK-2503
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

1. Refiner section
Refiner Type: single disc, batch operation
Motor: three-phase 200/220VAC 45kW 50/60Hz
Grinding Plate Size: 305mm
Rotation Speed of Plate: 3000rpm
Adjustment of Plate Parallelism: 3-point support
Adjustment of Plate Interstice: with screw, increment of scale 0.01 mm
Section in Contact with Liquid: SUS-316, SCS- 14
Transmission: belt drive


2. Material heating section
Tank Capacity: 6 liters (1 kg O.D.) option 10 liters
Feeder: screw type
Feeder Motor: three-phase 200/220VAC 0.2kW or 0.4kW
Section in Contact with Liquid: SUS-316, SCS-14


3. Grindness adjusting section
Pump: constant-feed plunger type
Discharge Rate: 0 to 2 liters/min., steplessly variable speed
Pump Discharge Pressure: max. 10kg/cm2
Pump Motor: three-phase 200/220VAC 0.4kW or 0.75kW
Dilution Water Heating: steam heat exchanger
Power Source: three-phase 200/220VAC 50/60Hz 160A
Cooling Water: water supply
Outer Dimensions: 2920 x 1200 x 2580m m
Instrument Weight: 1800 kg


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