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    OpTest manufactures and markets state-of-the-art equipment used
    for measuring the quality of pulp, paper, board and tissue.

    Optest building

    Company Profile and Goals

    Our products include both laboratory and on-line analyzers for quantifying the quality of pulp and paper. Our customers range from pulp, paper and tissue mills to the R&D Centres in the pulp, paper, tissue and allied industries in over 34 countries.

    Since the founding of OpTest our goals have remained:

    • To achieve a genuine and lasting standard of excellence.
    • This is achieved by the Total Quality effort of each person within our organization.
    • To work closely with our customers and operate according to ISO 9001.
    • To be a world class manufacturer of state-of-the-art NDT equipment for the pulp, paper and allied industries.
    • To be the technology and service leader within our product line. To maintain controlled growth and profitability.


    We specialize in

    Tissue, Paper, and Heavy Board
    Sheet Testing
    Dirt Specks Analysis
    On-machine Dirt Speck Analysis
    Optical Sheet Roughness/Smoothness (alternate to air-leak roughness)
    Print and Coating Mottle Analysis
    Pulp Quality
    Pulp Testing
    Plastic Contaminants in Pulp
    Fiber Quality Analysis (natural and synthetic)
    Nonwovens Testing
    Sanitary Paper and Tissue Testing



Quality solutions for the pulp, paper, and allied industries.

Our products include both laboratory and on-line analyzers.