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Somerville Shive Content Analyzer

For determination of shives and other particles in pulp suspensions.

Product Name Somerville Screen for Shive Content Analysis
Product Code PTA-N7100-A
Standards/Methods TAPPI T275, TAPPI UM242, PAPTAC C11.P
Test Material Pulp
Manufacturer The PTA Group / Noviprofibre (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Available Plate Sizes:

Sloteplate with 5 mm
Sloteplate with 0,08 mm
Sloteplate with 0,10 mm
Sloteplate with 0,12 mm
Sloteplate with 0.13 mm
Sloteplate with 0,15 mm
Sloteplate with 0,20 mm
Sloteplate with 0,25 mm

• Control box prepared for wall fastening
• Calibrated ring nozzle (works with 8.6 l/min at a pressure of 123.6 kPa)
• Sturdy construction made of corrosion-resistant materials only
• All parts in contact with water are made of non-corrosive material
• Somerville unit is mounted on a stand and a control box is prepared for wall fastening
• Drive motor protection class IP55 built into the stand, drives the slot screen via an excentric mechanism at approx. 690 - 700 U/min
• Control (start/stop/water), timer for 20 min sieving time (motor and water) and thermal overload protection built in electric control unit (IP65)
• Air pistol delivered complete with tube and self-sealing coupling for cleaning the slot plate and water box
• Will be delivered ready for use


Delivery Content:
• Shive content analyzer with control box for wall fastening
• Air pistol for cleaning
• Calibration certificate
• Operation manual
• Connection cable


Electric: 230 V / 50 or 60 Hz
Water: Drinking water quality min. 1 bar (200 kPa), Drainage 50 mm diameter


Weight and Dimensions (machine only):

700 x 620 x 1200 mm ( WxLxH ) / 100 Kg

Weight and Dimensions (with packing):

800 x 750 x 1300 mm ( WxLxH ) / 130 Kg


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