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Pulp Disintegrator (Stepless Speed Change Type)

This machine disintegrates the pulp into single fibers, by rotating the pulp with water at a high speed. This disintegration method is specified by JIS and ISO. Its applicable range is wide: paper sheet making, preparation of specimen for measurement of freeness, bleaching and screening. The rotation speed can be changed as desired. It is used for operation in a condition different from disintegration specified by the standard. 

Product Name Pulp Disintegrator (Stepless Speed Change Type)
Product Code KRK-2529
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Capacity: 2 liters
Concentration: max. 3%
Rotation Speed: 750 to 3,000rpm
Disintegration Time: set by the timer
Optional: jacket type specimen tank
Motor: three-phase 200/220VAC 0.4kW 50/60 Hz 3A
Outer Dimensions: 250 x 600 x 770mm
Instrument Weight: 85kg


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