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KRK Rotary Dryer (Standard Type)

This dryer is used for drying in the paper handmaking process. You can perform continuous drying simply by placing paper on the specimen conveyor belt. A heater is built in the dryer to heat the drum surface to a certain temperature. The movement of the specimen conveyor belt rotates the heated drum. Then the drum winds up the specimen and discharges the dried paper sheet after a half-turn. This dryer is designed to have thick walls to increase the thermal storage in the rotating drum, eliminating temperature drop and dispersion in temperature distribution that could occur due to feed of wet paper. This design also effectively reduces differences in migration depending on the location of the wet paper. A safety mechanism is incorporated to keep the drive motor running until the temperature drops to a certain level after completing tests. 

Product Name KRK Rotary Dryer (Standard Type)
Product Code KRK-2575-I
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Drum Diameter: 400mm
Drum Width: 400mm (wide model 600mm)
Heater: main 1.6kW and sub 0.8kW (standard model) two-stage switchover
Temperature: max. 120ºC
Temperature Controller: non-contact surface thermometer
Conveying Speed: 0.15 to 1.0m/min. steplessly variable
Convey Belt: endless (Velcro tape optional)
Power Source: single-phase 200/220VAC 50/60Hz 12A (wide model 15A)
Outer Dimensions: 680 x 660 x 630mm (standard model, folded)
Instrument Weight: 102kg


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