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Test Calender (Simplified Super-calender Type)

Calendaring is performed in the finishing process of raw paper or coated paper. This process gives gloss to paper surface, improves smoothness, and adjusts sheet thickness. Various mechanical constructions and roll composition are used for specific purposes. They are classified broadly into three kinds of combination: metal and metal rolls (machine calendar), metal and elastic rolls (super calendar), and metal and resin rolls (soft or gloss calendar). It is desirable to select a test calendar most suitable for the intended purpose, considering many items including material used, paper width, linear pressure, temperature, pressurizing method, heating method, sheet paper or continuous paper.

Product Name Test Calender (Simplified Super-calender Type)
Product Code KRK-2230-25FC-100E
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Simplified Super Calendar 25FC-100E
Roll Composition two rolls (steel, elastic)
Steel Roll 150mm in diameter, surface length 340mm special alloy steel, surface hardness Hs 86°±2° hard chrome plated and polished
Elastic Roll 220mm in diameter, surface length 330mm; special white cotton roll hardness (D type) 86°±2°
Effective Surface Length 250mm
Linear Pressure 200 to 1,000N/cm steplessly variable (in 250mm width)
Pressing Method pneumatic
Pressurization each sheet
Press Speed 3 to 12m/min.
Roll Surface temperature max. 120℃
Power Source three-phase 200/220VAC 50/60Hz 15A
Air Source pneumatic
Outer Dimensions calendar: 1,185×555×1,385mm control panel: 730×580×1,175mm
Instrument Weight calendar: 545kg - control panel: 92kg


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