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Electronic Ink-O Meter

This machine is used for measuring viscosity and misting of ink on the printing press. It measures the torque required for shearing the ink between metal roller and rubber roller. This Inkometer is composed of metal roller rotating at a circumferential speed, top roller driven on it, and swing frame supporting the top roller shaft. At first, the metal roller is rotated without ink on it, which makes the top roller in contact with the metal roller, rotate by frictional force acting on the contact surface, producing initial torque on the swing frame. It is the torque in idle operation without ink. Then, the roll is rotated with ink on it. The frame receives additional force due to ink tacking. Torque in this Slate expresses the ink tack. 

Product Name Electronic Ink-O Meter
Product Code KRK-2281
Standards/Methods JIS K-5701-2000
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Top Roller: 79.3mm in outer diameter, 156mm in effective length, NBR hardness JIS 50º + 2º
Metal Roller: 76.2mm in outer diameter, 152.4mm in effective length, made of bronze
Kneading Roller: 50.8mm in outer diameter, 184mm in effective length, NBR hardness JIS 50º + 2º, stroke 30 mm
Rotation Speed of Metal Roller: 0 to 3000rpm, low speed for initial kneading about 120rpm
Tack Measurement: by load cell, the detected force is converted and displayed as tack value
Measurement Range: 0 to 50g·m
Up-and-Down of Top Roller: simple operation with push button
Optional: constant temperature water tank
Accessories: ink pipette capacity 2cc (minimum increment 0.01 cc) calibration weight (calibration range max. 35g·m)
Power Source: three phase 200/220VAC 50/60Hz 10A
Outer Dimensions: 1100 x 550 x 530mm
Instrument Weight: 168kg


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