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Horizontal Tensile Tester

This tester holds both sides of the test specimen and pulls it at a constant speed, to determine the maximum load up to failure and the elongation at failure, and the work required for failure. When a specimen is inserted into this constant-rate-elongation machine, it is secured by two pneumatic clamps, then the test starts automatically. The load cell connected to the fixed side clamp detects load, to calculate, display and outputs on the printer tensile strength, elongation, breaking length, tensile energy, and tensile stiffness.

Product Name Horizontal Tensile Tester (Desktop type)
Product Code KRK-2000-C
Standards/Methods JIS P-8113-98, T 494 om-01, ISO 1924/2
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Tensile Loading Capacity: 500N (500kgf) (optional: 200N, 1000N)
Span: 100 to 180 mm, regulating increment of 1mm, standard: 180mm
Elongation: max. 20mm
Tension Speed: 5 to 50mm/min
Width: 15 / 25mm (optional: 50mm)
Specimen Clamp: pneumatic type; the inserted specimen is clamped automatically Special clamp for wet paper (optional)

Power Source: 100/110VAC 50/60Hz 2A
Air: 0.5MPa
Outer Dimensions: 580 x 430 x 210mm
Instrument Weight: 40kg

Measurement Items:
1. Setting Items: Specimen NO., Basis Weight, Specimen Orientation, Specimen Width, Span, Tensioning Speed
2. Measuring Items: Tensile Strength (N, kN/m), Elongation Rate (%)
3. Calculation Items: Average, Maximum, Minimum, Standard deviation, Breaking length, Elongation rate, Tensile energy absorption and tensile energy absorption index, Tensile stiffness, Young’s modulus
4. Measurement of Tensile Elongation: After the measurement result is outputted the elongation is calculated by inputting the load


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