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Gurley Cobb Size Tester (Improved Type)

This machine is developed to test paper's water absorptiveness by making the one side of a paper sheet or board paper sheet contact with the water for a certain span of time. This is an improved type machine that enables simplified measurement. Fixing and removing a specimen can be made with one-touch operation: you can repeat the test, using the same water-contained container.

Product Name Gurley Cobb Size Tester (Improved Type)
Product Code KRK-2075
Standards/Methods JIS P-8140-1998, TAPPI T 441-90, ISO 535 
Manufacturer Gurley Cobb Size Tester (Improved Type)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Inner Area of the Test Ring: 100cm² 
Optional: metal roller (dia.90mm, width 200mm, 10kg) 
Outer Dimensions: 180 x 130 x 80mm 
Instrument Weight: 2.6k


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