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Fenchel Expansion Meter

This machine is designed to measure expansion of a paper sheet or paperboard sheet by immersing the paper in water. The specimen is fixed with the upper and lower clamps. From the upper clamp, a weight is suspended via a pulley, with the thread linked to a dial gauge. With this weight, a certain amount of tension is given to the specimen that is in the water for a certain span of time. Expansion of the specimen is indicated on the gauge.

There are two pipes on the upper lid, enabling to monitor dimensional stability of a specimen with changing relative humidity, under the circulation of the air of a constant humidity in the container. 

Specimen 15mm wide, 150mm long and span 100mm
Maximum Expansion ±10mm, 1/100mm accuracy
Measurement Gauge digital type
Weights 5, 10, 20, 50, 100g
Immersion Time 5 min. for paper, 10 min. for paperboard
Recorder able to record changes in expansion (optional)
Outer Dimentions 250×310×890mm
Instrument Weight 14kg


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