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Crush Tester (Simplified Type)

This tester measures compression strength of liners, corrugated mediums, corrugated board, and small-sized containers. It determines resistance against compression in various forms. It is designed for simplified measurement of compression strength, and a load cell is employed for load detection, achieving accuracy and reproducibility. 

Product Name Crush Tester (Simplified Type)
Product Code KRK-2094
Standards/Methods JIS P-8126-2005, Z-401, Z-402, TAPPI T 808, T 809, T 811, T 818, T 821, ISO 12192
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Test Item: CMT, FCT, RCT, ECT, PAT, CCT (Each test part is needed) option
Maximum Bad: 2000N
Load Detection: load cell
Loading: square screw for upward/downward motion
Movement Speed: 12.7 + 0.55mm/min
Stroke: 90mm - Specimen Size: 12.7mm wide, 152.4mm long (ring crush test)
Standard Accessories: holders for ring crush, for each thickness, 9 pieces (standard)
Power Source: 100/110 VAC 50/60Hz 3A
Outer Dimensions: 430 x 370 x 560mm
Instrument Weight: 69kg


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