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Burst Strength Tester - Low Pressure

In the international standard, burst strength is specified as a value of pressure that is necessary to make the paper or paperboard burst, by exerting pressure to the paper sheet with a certain speed and deforming the paper into a shape of a ball. This machine features the possibility of testing burst strength safely and rapidly: the specimen is applied the pressure that is exerted via a rubber diaphragm by the penetration of a motorized plunger, and the pressure sensor detects and displays pressure strength at the moment the specimen bursts. This machine comes into two types: type C and type A. Type C is designed for paper sheets, paperboard, and film 0.64mm or less thick, and Type A for paperboard, corrugated board, and the like. Unlike the conventional Mullen type, the KRK Burst Strength Tester features many advantages, for example, high precision, reproducibility, and operability. This machine focuses on the safety. KRK offers the model with a printer or a paper feeder as well.

Product Name KRK Burst Strength Tester (Low Pressure Type)
Product Code KRK-2021-C
Standards/Methods JIS P-8112-2008, TAPPI T 403 om-02, ISO 2758
Manufacturer Kumagai Riki Kogyo Co., Ltd. ( KRK )
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Specimen Clamp: upper clamp 30.5mm, lower clamp 33.1 mm
Clamp Pressure: max. 1200kPa
Compression Rate: 95 + 10cc/min
Decompression Rate: 190cc/min
Pressure Gauge: max 2MPa (digital display)
Safety Device: safety ring on the clamping section
Power Source: 100/110VAC 50/60Hz 7A
Air Source: 0.5MPa
Outer Dimensions: 380 x 490 x 440mm
Instrument Weight: 80 kg
Optional Paper Feeder: feeding amount 1 to 99cm (increment 1 cm)


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