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TAPPI Sheet Former (Manual)

The Sheet Former is intended for installation on a laboratory bench (not included). The individual stages are carried out using hand-levers. Swirling is done with a perforated bottom plate agitator. The couching is completed with a 10 kg stainless steel roller. Ten mirror-polished plates, drying rings, agitator, and roller are included. All parts are constructed of corrosion resistant material.

Product Name TAPPI Sheet Former (Manual)
Product Code PTA-070875
Standards/Methods TAPPI T 205, ISO 5269-1, SCAN C26
Test Material Pulp
Manufacturer The PTA Group / IDM (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada

• Constructed of corrosion resistant materials
• Gravitational dewatering
• Standard former column diameter of 159 mm (customized former column upon request)
• Water Connection: Supply of 200 kPa, drainage


Instrument Includes:
• Manual sheet former
• 10 mirror-polished plates
• 10 drying rings
• 3 couching plates
• Stirrer
• 10 kg stainless steel couching roll
• Blotting sheets


Test Description:
The former column is half filled with water then the pulp suspension, which has been prepared in a disintegrator and equalizer, is added. Water is added to the column up to the fill mark on the column. The agitator is used to swirl the content of the former column. Once the settling phase has ended, the second hand-lever is shifted to open the drainage valve causing the former column to drain. The formed hand-sheet remains on the screen. The former column can then be opened, and two blotting sheets are placed on top of the wet hand-sheet. With the stainless-steel roller, the sheet is couched and then carefully be removed from the screen so it can be further processed with a sheet press, drying rings, or a speed dryer.


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