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Laboratory Valley Beater

Beat pulp in accordance with standardized conditions

Product Name Laboratory Valley Beater
Product Code PTA-070113
Standards/Methods TAPPI T 200m, TAPPI T 205m, ISO 5246-1, SCAN C25, CPPA C.2
Test Material Pulp
Manufacturer The PTA Group (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

• 23-liter capacity
• Entire construction made of stainless steel
• The 3.2 mm thick stainless-steel knife blades and knife holder are made of non-corrosive materials
• Beating pressure is adjustable
• Performance in accordance with international standards
• Laboratory Beater Type “Valley” Lever weights are included
• Default Electrical Connection: 240 V / 60 Hz AC


Device Description:
The laboratory stainless-steel beater has a capacity of 23 liters and therefore 360 grams of pulp can be beaten in a session. The rolls, including the blade, are 152 mm wide and have a diameter of 190 – 194 mm. The bed knife consists of seven 3.2 mm thick stainless-steel blades. The knifes and bed of the beater are encased by a tank cover to ensure safe handling of the device.


Test Description:
360 grams of pulp in a suspension is placed into the beater, then the suspension is filled with water to reach a volume of 23 liters. Three minutes after starting the device a sample must be taken. After that, a weight of 5.5 kg must be hooked to the lever to start the actual beating process. Samples can be taken at regular intervals. As an example, the samples can be used for freeness tests or to form test sheets.




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