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Tissue Burst Strength Tester (ISO 12625-9)

This attachment is recommended for the Universal Tensile Tester (PTA-0301XX) to measure the mechanical penetration (burst strength) of tissue paper by the ball method. Tissue burst strength is measured to detect force and help determine how to avoid breaks or tears during converting or handling.

Product Name Tissue Burst Strength Tester (ISO 12625-9)
Product Code PTA-020106
Standards/Methods TAPPI T 570, ISO 12625-9
Test Material Tissue
Manufacturer The PTA Group / IDM (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada

This device is recommended for the PTA-0301XX (Universal Tensile Tester) or can be used with a variety of vertical testing machines.


• Test speed is 125 ±5 mm/minute
• This instrument can measure samples of the base tissue or the finished product
• Sample dimension test area is 100 cm2
• Ball burst diameter is 16 ±0.05 mm
• Results are presented in newtons (N)
• Can test most wet or dry tissue. Please discuss your specific tissue requirements prior to purchase
• The device has a small drain to facilitate the removal of water remaining after a test of wet tissue 


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