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Short Compression Tester (SCT)

Determination of the compression resistance per length unit on Liner or Flutting papers according to international standards.

Product Name Short Compression Tester (SCT)
Product Code PTA-040106
Standards/Methods TAPPI T 826, ISO 9895, DIN 54518, SCAN P46, BS 7325
Test Material Paper, Board
Manufacturer The PTA Group (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

• High rigidity steel and aluminum frame.
• Equipped with a 500 N load cell for measuring values up to 33,33 kN/m.
• Linear movement of the grips.
• Possibility of adjusting the span between grips to 0,7 mm or 0,3 mm (for thin papers).
• Sample width: 15 mm.
• Test and automatic return speed: 3 ± 1 mm/min.
• Short Span Value (SSV) in KN/m.
• SCT curve, SCT value and SCT index.
• Maximum force in Newtons.
• Compression index in Nm/g.
• Adjustable feet for the equipment leveling.
• CE mark.
• Security. Electronic (programming) and physical (limit switches) overload protection.
• RS-232 interface for connection to management and control programs.
• USB connection for maintenance works and for connection with USB printer.
• Force readings with a resolution of 0.004 % of the FS, and extension readings with a resolution of 0.01 mm.
• Accuracy. Error <1% of the applied force in a range between 10% and 100% of the FS.
• Electrical Connection: 220V 50 Hz, 110 V 60 Hz
• Air: 600 kPa.
• Weight (equipment only / with packaging): 25 kg / 35 kg
• Dimensions (W x L x H - equipment only / with packaging): 360 x 480 x 300 mm / 450 x 580 x 380 mm


Test Description:
The operator places the sample between the clamps (sample must have a minimum length of 120 mm and a width of 15 mm). After pushing the start button, the clamps close and move towards each other at a speed of 3 mm/min until a break is detected. Once the test is finished, the force result and result curve will be displayed in the screen. The value will be expressed in SSV (Short Span Value).
After having carried out a test series in longitudinal fibers orientation sense (MD), another series of tests can be carried out in cross sense (CD).
The incorrect measurements can be eliminated not to have errors in the statistics. The ratio between MD and CD values will be displayed in the statistics after finishing both test series.

User Interface:
• Machine controlled by means of a touch screen and two auxiliary buttons. Through the visualization and control screen, the total control and configuration of the machine can be managed.
• Easy and intuitive operation of the control menu, configurable in different languages.
• Possibility of selecting and defining multiple test results. Two result tables with a maximum of 10 result types and 20 test results per table. Possibility of comparing MD and CD values.
• Possibility of displaying the test results in graphic way.
• Statistical control. Mean value, standard deviation, and maximum and minimum values.
• Test maneuver with automatic return of the grips to initial position.
• Setting of different breaking and preload levels.
• Periodical program updates (without additional costs).


Software Control (Optional):
The machine, through its RS-232 connection, allows the total control and management of the test, by means of the PTA NOVILOG Software. It will be possible to preset tests, save test results graphical curves, carry out test reports, etc.


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