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Punch and Dye Cutter (300 x 15 mm)

For punching strips for the tensile tests or for the RCT Tests.

The robust strip punch functions according to the "punch & dye" principle and consists of an upper and lower blade, which punch the sample. A long hand lever with force transfer, makes punching easier. On the left of the device is a feeding table with integrated guide, which guarantees ease of material placement. A clamping mechanism holds the sample firmly during punching. Samples are removed from a metal sheet located below the punch.

The punch can be used for materials from 50 up to 800 gsm.

Product Name Punch and Dye Cutter (300 x 15 mm)
Product Code PTA-51.501.XXX
Test Material Paper, Board
Manufacturer The PTA Group (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

Process Description:

The material to be punched is placed on the feeder table and pushed along the guide rails between the upper and lower blades. Pushing the hand lever down places a safety guard on the material, which also prevents the material from slipping. The punching takes place when the lever is pushed down. After the process the sample strips fall through the lower blade onto a metal sheet, which is pulled out to remove the samples.



SP30015   - 300 x 15 mm: punching strips 300 x 15 mm
SP30050   - 300 x 50 mm: punching strips 300 x 50 mm
PT_A6x05 - 6" x 0.5": punching strips 6" x 0.5"


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