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Internal Bond Tester (IBT)

Digital equipment to determine the adhesion of internal layers on paper and paperboard. Fully automatic pendulum, with the entire automatic testing process without operator influence, pneumatic clamping of the sample holder, pendulum release and return after performing the test. Interchangeable pendulums, with 3 scales of measurement for different types of papers according to their resistance. Complete statistical calculations. Touch screen, RS-232 and USB output for connection to PC and printer.

Product Name Internal Bond Tester (IBT)
Product Code PTA-080102
Standards/Methods TAPPI T 833, T 569
Test Material Board
Manufacturer The PTA Group (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

• Microprocessor controlled.
• Control panel with 4´´ full color Touch Screen and an auxiliary button.
• Easy and intuitive operation of the control menu.
• Selection of work units:, mJ/ and J/m2
• Full statistics functions over 20 values.
• Three measure ranges with exchangeable pendulums.
• Reading resolution of 0,001 (accuracy <1%).
• Steel robust frame designed to avoid energy losses during test.
• CE mark.
• Bubble level for equipment levelling.
• Automatic equipment calibration (Automatic zero).
• Automatic pendulum release. To avoid differences between operators.
• Pneumatic fixing of the sample holder and returning of the pendulum to initial position.
• RS-232 and USB connections.
• Possibility to complete the equipment with manual or automatic preparation station, IBP-5M or IBP-5A. Consult your provider.
• Electrical Connection: 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
• Air Supply: 600kPa
• Weight (equipment only / with packaging): 30 kg / 65 kg
• Dimensions (W x L x H - equipment only / with packaging): 480 x 220 x 500 mm / 730 x 540 x 750 mm


Measurement Ranges:

    ft·lb/sq·in    mJ/sq·in    J/m2 
Low range     0,25    340    525
Standard range    0,50    680    1050
High range    1,00    1360    2100


Test Description:
To minimize variations in the test results, the sample preparation must be done with a maximum care, to achieve the most homogenous results. Optionally, the equipment can be completed with the preparation station (IBP- 5M or IBP-5A).
By means of the sample preparation station, 5 samples must be prepared. Now, a sample must be placed in the test position. The Test button is pushed (in this moment, the sample holder is fixed pneumatically).
The pendulum is released automatically, minimizing this way the possible difference between operators. Once the sample is tested, the pendulum returns to the initial position. The display will show the result achieved in the last test and the mean value and standard deviation of the test series. To carry out a new test, the tested sample holder is removed, placing a new one. The test process will be repeated.

User Interface:
• Total control of the instrument by means of the touch screen. From this screen it is possible to perform tests, besides of managing all the functions and configurations of the instrument.
• Two results tables with a maximum of 10 values per table. Possibility of comparing values in MD and CD.
• Statistic Control. Mean value, standard deviation, maximum and minimum values.
• Periodical program updates.


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