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Horizontal Tensile Tester (Wet and Dry)

The tensile machine with horizontal system is designed to calculate the paper tensile strength and elongation.

The horizontal tensile equipment is completely automatic in wet and dry paper tensile tests. Easy working tool due to the equipment automatism.

Highlights of our Horizontal Tensile Machine:
· It avoids mistakes in the sample placement and the elongation is more precise.
· Automatic detection of the sample.
· Pneumatic clamping.
· TEA value and complete statistics.
· Special tank for tensile tests in wet.

Product Name Horizontal Tensile Tester (Wet and Dry)
Product Code PTA-030121
Standards/Methods TAPPI T 456, TAPPI T 494, ISO 1924-2, UNE-EN ISO 12625-4/5, PAPTAC D34, BS4415/2,
Test Material Paper, Tissue
Manufacturer The PTA Group (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

• Easy adaptation of the machine for testing specimens of paper or tissue by means of exchanging the testing accessories.
• Possibility to carry out tensile tests for paper and tissue and wet tensile tests for tissue.
• High rigidity steel and aluminum frame.
• Driven by servo motor and high accuracy ball screw.
• Adjustable feet for the equipment leveling.
• Internal pneumatic circuit for connection to air supply (opening-closing of the grips).
• Set of adaptors and supports for paper and tissue tensile tests and accessory for tissue wet tensile test. Different sample widths and lengths: 100 mm and 180 mm for paper / 100 mm and 50 mm for tissue (50 mm special distance for tissue final product).
• Pulley and verification and calibration kit (optional, not included in the standard supply).
• Automatic sample detection.
• Test speed adjustable between 0.2 and 330 mm/min.
• Automatic return to initial position after the test.
• Standard Load Cell of 500 N (possibility of 1.000 N or 150 N. Consult your provider).
• Maximum travel between grips of 300 mm.
• Security. Electronic (programming) and physical (limit switches and barrier photocell) overload protection.
• USB “B” Type interface for connection to management and control programs.
• USB connection for maintenance works and for connection with USB printer.
• Force readings with a resolution of 0.004 % of the FS, and extension readings with a resolution of 0.01 mm.
• Accuracy. <1% of the applied force in a range between 2% and 100% of the FS.
• CE mark.
• Electrical Connection: 220/110V 50/60 Hz
• Air Supply: 600 kPa.
• Weight (equipment only / with packaging): 35 kg / 50 kg
• Dimensions (W x L x H - equipment only / with packaging): 540 x 490 x 300 mm / 750 x 630 x 400 mm


User Interface:
• Machine controlled by means of a touch screen and two auxiliary buttons. Through the visualization and control screen, the total control and configuration of the machine can be managed.
• Easy and intuitive operation of the control menu, configurable in different languages.
• Possibility of selecting and defining multiple test results (breaking force, tensile index, elongation, tensile energy absorption (TEA), etc.). Two result tables with a maximum of 10 result types and 20 test results per table.
• Possibility of displaying the test results in graphic way.
• Statistical control. Mean value, standard deviation, and maximum and minimum values.
• Different configurable units for the force, extension, and speed parameters.
• Test maneuver with automatic return to initial position at maximum speed (330 mm/min).
• Setting of different breaking and preload levels.
• Periodical program updates (without additional costs).

Software Control (Optional):
Through the available Control Software NOVILOG, the machine can be controlled and managed from a connected PC. It will be possible to pre-set tests, configure the test parameters, save test results, display graphical curves, generate test reports, etc.


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