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Double Wheel Cutter

Strip cutter for the preparation of paper, or board, samples for tensile tests.

Product Name Double Wheel Cutter
Product Code PTA-13XX
Standards/Methods ISO 1924, SCAN P38
Test Material Paper, Board
Manufacturer The PTA Group (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

• The circular knives slide on two guide bars along a lower knife and cuts one (or optionally two) strips from the positioned paper sheet.
• By default, the instrument delivered without fixing clamp. It can be ordered separately.
• Available cutting lengths are 350 or 550 mm.

• Weights and dimensions (equipment only): 290 x 470 x 270 mm (w x d x h) / 8 Kg
• Weights and Dimensions (with packaging): 350 x 550 x 400 mm (w x d x h) / 15 Kg

Available strip widths:

Ref 130½   width 12,7 mm
Ref 1315    width 15 mm
Ref 1325    width 25 mm
Ref 1301    width 25,4 mm
Ref 1330    width 30 mm
Ref 1350    width 50 mm
Ref 13100  width 100 mm
Ref 13135  width 135 mm
Ref 13150  width 150 mm
Ref 13xx    width > 8mm



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