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Burst Strength Tester with Digital Display

For determination of the bursting strength resistance of paper and board.

Product Name Burst Strength Tester with Digital Display
Product Code PTA-02010X
Standards/Methods TAPPI T 403, T 807, ISO 2758, ISO 2759, ASTM D477, BS 3137
Test Material Paper, Board
Manufacturer The PTA Group (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada, USA, and Mexico

• Measuring range 0-5.000 kPa/0-8.000 kPa. EM-50 and EM-80 models
• Accuracy: above 1% of the applied force in a range between 2% and 100% of the FS
• Configurable pumping rate: 170 ± 5 ml/min for cardboard and 96 ± 6 ml/min for paper
• Sample holding force adjustable by means of pneumatic regulator (maximum force of 7.000 N)
• RS-232 interface for connection to management and control programs
• USB connection for maintenance jobs or for connection to printers
• Readings with a resolution of 0.004 % of the FS
• Statistic test. Average value, standard deviation and max.and min. values
• Automatic test cycling with break detection and return to start position
• Different configurable units for pressure standards
• CE mark
• Electrical Connection: 220/110V, 50/60Hz
• Air supply: 6 Bar
• Weight (equipment only / with packaging): 70 kg / 120 kg
• Dimensions (W x L x H - equipment only / with packaging): 360 x 600 x 530 mm / 840 x 600 x 790 mm


Test Description:
After placing the sample in its test position, press Test button. The methacrylate protection cover, and superior clamp will go down, closing the sample support. The hydraulic pressure device will automatically act on the sample. When the sample breaks, the hydraulic cylinder will automatically stop and inverse the sense of the running, until it arrives to its initial test position. Then, the protection cover, and the sample support will be automatically opened, leaving the equipment ready for a next test. The maximum pressure reached in the breaking moment will be shown I the screen (also in graphic way).

Software control (Optional):
The machine, through its RS-232 connection, allows the total control and management of the test, by means of the PTA NOVILOG Software. It will be possible to preset tests, save test results graphical curves, carry out test reports, etc.


User Interface:
• Machine controlled by means of a touch screen and two auxiliary buttons.
• Through the visualization and control screen, the total control and configuration of the machine can be managed.
• Easy and intuitive operation of the control menu, configurable in different languages.
• Possibility of selecting and defining multiple test results. Two result tables with a maximum of 10 result types and 20 test results per table.
• Possibility of display the test results in graphic way.
• Statistical control. Mean value, standard deviation, and maximum and minimum values.
• Different configurable units.
• Automatic test cycle with breaking detection and return to initial position.
• Setting of different breaking levels.
• Periodical program updates (without additional costs).



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