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Africa Central & South America Australasia Europe Asia & Eurasia North America World Map of OpTest Representatives

Africa Asia & Eurasia Australasia Europe North America Central & South America


Bahrain SGA Trading - E-Mail
Egypt SGA Trading - E-Mail
Jordan SGA Trading - E-Mail
Kuwait SGA Trading - E-Mail
Lebanon SGA Trading - E-Mail
South Africa Alpha Laboratory Supplies - E-Mail
Saudi Arabia SGA Trading - E-Mail
Syria SGA Trading - E-Mail




Asia & Eurasia

China Danbell Equipment Ltd. - E-mail
India OpTest Equipment Inc. - E-mail
Iran SGA Trading - E-Mail
Korea DUCO - E-Mail (non-exclusive)
Malaysia Chemical House and Lab Instrument Co. Ltd.- E-Mail
Philippines Certified Lab Consulting Co., Ltd. - E-Mail
Thailand Chemical House and Lab Instrument Co. Ltd.- E-Mail
Vietnam Certified Lab Consulting Co., Ltd. - E-Mail




Australia UJL Pty. - E-Mail
Indonesia PT Xell Asia  - E-Mail (non-exclusive)
Indonesia PT Visitek Sinergi Int'l  - E-Mail (non-exclusive)
Japan Nomura Shoji Co. - E-mail
New Zealand Contract Instrumentation Services . - E-Mail
Singapore Chemical House and Lab Instrument Co. Ltd.- E-Mail




Europe OpTest Europe - E-Mail
Finland Ambertec OY - E-Mail
Scandinavia PTE AB - E-Mail
Russia Sigma-Micron - E-Mail
BeNeLux MC Tec - E-Mail
Germany MC Tec - E-Mail
Austria MC Tec - E-Mail
Switzerland MC Tec - E-Mail
United Kingdom MC Tec - E-Mail



North America

Canada OpTest Equipment Inc.
Mexico Machines for Paper Measurement (MPM) - E-mail
USA Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin:
- Stapleman Corp. - E-Mail  
Other States:
 - OpTest Equipment Inc. - E-Mail




Central & South America

Argentina Resaicar - E-mail  
Brazil Technology Trade Consulting - E-mail
Chile Technology Trade Consulting - E-mail
Uruguay Resaicar - E-mail
Venezuela Corp. Natick - E-mail





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