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Paper PerFect Formation Analyzer

OpTest Paper PerFect Formation Analyzer Image of the Paper PerFect
PPF Brochure
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McGill University has developed new technology to characterize the uniformity of paper formation. The results have been shown to correlate very well with visual assessment as well as with other physical properties of paper.

Watermark Quality Analysis Software

OpTest Watermark Quality Analysis Software WQA Software Brochure
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The OpTest ‘Watermark Quality Analysis Software' revolutionizes the way in which papermakers may optimize watermark quality! Using advanced algorithms, Watermark Quality Analysis Software quickly measures the Sharpness and Intensity of a watermark relative to a reference watermark or its artwork. This must be used in conjunction with the Paper PerFect Formation Analyser or the Micro-Scanner.

OpTiPro Pattern Recognition

OpTest OpTiPro Software OpTiPro Brochure
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The OpTiPro analyzes periodic and quasi-periodic patterns in formed sheets with superior precision, speed and sensitivity. The software is used in conjunction with the Paper PerFect Formation Analyzer or the Micro-Scanner.

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