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Fiber Quality Analyzer - 360

OpTest Fiber Quality Analyzer Image of the  FQA-360
FQA-360 Brochure
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The FQA rapidly and accurately measures fiber length, width, curl, % numeric fines and kink in dilute pulp samples. Optional software is available to measure mean fiber coarseness according to ISO 23713, hardwood/softwood blends, analyze shives and analyze vessel elements. The patented flow cell resists plugging or fouling and orients fibers for correct image analysis. The FQA meets or exceeds the specification of Tappi Test Method T271, PAPTAC B.4 and ISO 16065. Options include the six beaker carousel and OpTiBlend software. 
OpTest OpTiBlend Software Image of OpTiBlend Results
OpTiBlend Brochure
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The OpTiBlend (OTB) estimates the mass ratio of pulp species in an unknown blend. The software can only be used in conjunction with data from the HiRes FQA or FQA-360 [serial number starting with LDA02 or LDA12].



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