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PTA Laboratory Disc Refiner (8 inch - 200 mm)

The PTA Laboratory Disc Refiner provides results like the results obtained in production refining. Circular refining disc sets of different patterns and tooth height are available and the distance between the plates can be adjusted to permit use of high consistency pulps.

Product Name PTA Laboratory Disc Refiner (8 inch - 200 mm)
Product Code PTA-070111
Test Material Pulp
Manufacturer The PTA Group / IDM (PTA)
Availability from OpTest Exclusive to Canada

• Refine pulp in conditions like those for a paper-machine
Pulp consistency range: 2% to 8%
Refining disc diameter 200 mm / 8 in.
Rotational speed: 3,600 r.p.m.
45-liter stainless-steel tank (alternative volumes are available)
Stainless-steel refiner disc chamber and holders
Refining discs sets to be specified prior to order acceptance
Easy and efficient system to change the disc sets.
Electrical control box which includes an amperemeter (start & stop) and a digital timer
Refiner disc gap is regulated, within 0.01 mm, using a digital micrometer
The support frame and refiner body are constructed of nodular steel
Includes a recirculation system of the pulp
Includes a pulp sampling system during refining
Easy to clean and maintain
Includes a fresh water direct injection system to the disc set
The refiner motor is 10 HP / 7.5KW
Electrical connection: 320V, 380V, or 440V / 50Hz or 60 Hz / 3-phase
Water connection: 3/8” diameter hose, fresh water
Dewatering: 50 mm diameter
Weight and dimensions (equipment only): 1266 x 536 x 1581 mm (W x L x H) / 145 Kg
Weight and dimensions (with packaging): 1400 x 600 x 800 mm (W x L x H) / 180 Kg
CE Mark


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