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The FQA-360 has many new features. It is more affordable, significantly faster with greater automation, has an optional 6 beaker carousel, an increased fiber length range to 15 mm, and more.

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The fourth generation of the Fiber Quality Analyzer will be launched in January 2013. Over a decade ago the first FQA was developed jointly by FP Innovations, the University of British Columbia and OpTest. More than 160 units have been sold worldwide since then. The new FQA-360 retains all the advantages of the previous model. These advantages include a non-plugging flow cell, measurement of fibers as well as shives and vessel elements, use of circular polarized light for the most precise fiber measurements. The Fiber Quality Analyzer meets all international standards and has a proven history of reliability and very low maintenance costs.

The 3mm rayon fibers above have no fines. However, air bubbles in the non-polarized part appear as fines.

The same cellulose fiber viewed with circular polarized light (left) and linear polarized light (right). The ends of the curled fiber disappear in linear polarized light.


OpTiPro (Optical Pattern Recognition) software quantifies the intensity, size and orientation of patterns in paper. The OpTiPro uses images from the Paper PerFect Formation Analyzer or the Micro-Scanner.

New FQA-360 Applications:
Tissue Paper: A new publication is available that discusses the relationship between fiber curl and important tissue properties such as strength, bulk and softness.
Plastic Composites: The use of cellulose fibres in plastic composites is steadily increasing. The impact of fiber dimensions on composite properties is the subject of a new short presentation.

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The following is a list of exhibits where the latest OpTest technology will be shown in the upcoming months

- PaperWeek 2013, Montreal, Canada, Feb 4 - 6
- Tissue World 2013, Barcelona, Spain, Mar 28 - 31
- Tappi PaperCon 2013, Atlanta, USA, Apr 29 - May 1

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